Create a Summer Fun Bucket from the Dollar Store

I have kicked the summer activity planning into high gear this week! I need to keep these kids off the iPad and entertained. I have checked out the free programs at our local library, the $2 movie schedule at the movie theater, and now I have created a summer fun bucket to get them outside and playing!

I didn’t want to drop a small fortune on our summer activity supplies so I took a trip to the Dollar Store to stock up! There are a lot of fun outdoor play supplies to be found at the Dollar Store.

create a summer fun bucket from the dollar store-5

So what did we get? What’s a summer fun bucket without bubbles?! We go through a ton of bubbles so I bought a couple bottles. The kids also love the big wands that create huge bubbles. We had the really big ones last year from the Dollar Store but they broke easily. I grabbed these character giant bubble wands instead this year. They looked like they would hold up to my boys’ wear and tear.

create a summer fun bucket from the dollar store-1

Next, we needed some water play toys! Of course, you need water guns but I also love these long water squirters. The boys played with some at their friends’ house the past week and really enjoyed them. They were also easier to fill with water! When I saw the slingshot, I knew that would be hit! I grabbed some extra balls for it because I know they are going to lose them.

create a summer fun bucket from the dollar store-10

And perhaps this was my youngest’s favorite from our shopping trip: battle saber handle!

create a summer fun bucket from the dollar store-2

All you need is a pool noodle, which you can grab at the Dollar Store as well. I cut ours in half so it was easier for my little one to use. As you can see, he thoroughly enjoys it!

battle saber handle

I grabbed a bright blue bucket on our way to house all of our supplies! Total damage was only $12 and I know I can run back to the Dollar Store if we run out and need to restock!

create a summer fun bucket from the dollar store-11

How are you prepping for the summer?

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