Dear Judgy Moms on the First Day of School

Dear Judgy Moms on the First Day of School, 


Some parents cope by getting a little Pinteresty.  Printing signs, making elaborate breakfasts, crafting the best bento box just to make the day remotely fun for their kids on this monumental day.

Don’t like it. Don’t do it. Above all DON’T JUDGE!

Capturing these moments in time that are so fleeting is another way parents mark this occasion.  They grow so fast, they are only little so long.  Why not have a picture so you can keep those moments fresh in their mind?

No one is asking you to do the same.  There’s no parent code.  

You don’t cry on the first day of school? 


Some of us do. And it’s ok. Whether you do.

Or don’t.

And don’t get me started about judging what others are wearing. Whether you are in a power suit on your way to work or still in your finest yoga pants, it’s ok. You’re doing a good job, mom. No matter what you look like — it’s okay!

You know what pants are not okay to wear to drop off or the bus stop – Judgy Pants! Or Judgy McJudgerson pants if you are a brand lover. That’s not okay.  

Will the Mom Wars ever end?

There is no right or wrong way to do the first day of school. If there is, I missed that memo.


So let the mom stand off to the side discreetly drying her eyes be. She’s having a hard time enough watching her baby go off on a new adventure.

Let the mom that likes to do things with an over the top flair be. Maybe that’s how she copes with sending her baby off into the world.

And, you, judgy mom, just be. You do your thing while we do ours.

We all have it hard enough without judging each other.

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  1. I freaking hate Mommy Wars. All of them. I thought that since we were done with the bottle/bfing phase of parenting the wars would stop. NOPE! they are over everything. I just doint get it. and you are right – YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING THAT!!!!

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