How to Decorate your Home for Under $100 at Target

Something about spring gets me in the mood to start redecorating! As we pack up the fuzzy blankets and apple cider scented candles, it’s time to start decorating for spring! It wasn’t until I opened up my spring decor bin that I realized how much I lacked in actual decor for my home! If your home could use a makeover, here is how you can decorate your home for under $100 from Target.

Shop clearance. Target places all of their clearance items for each section of the store on end caps. This is a great place to find new decor for your home! You can find clocks, bedding, and so many other fabulous finds on the end caps of each section of the store. You won’t have a crazy amount of selection, but you’ll be able to find something to get you started.

Stick to a few key pieces. If you’ve spent any amount of time walking through the Magnolia collection of Target, you know just how expensive adorable home decor can be! The truth is that while all of these items look amazing, you probably only need a few things to transform each room! Think about your space and what would maximize your home decor budget. Stick to one or two pieces for each room that will transform this space.

Don’t dismiss the Dollar Spot. When you first enter the store, you’ll find a ton of random items in the Dollar Spot area. These items are priced anywhere from $1 all the way to $10 or 15 dollars. This can be a great way to find budget-friendly decor for your home! I have seen cake stands for holding soap containers, fake succulents to add to my mantle, and so much more! You can even find cheap seasonal decor here for each holiday or season.

Shop sales. Shopping sales might sound like the oldest trick in the book, but this is how you will score new home decor for rock bottom prices! Target regularly has sales and cartwheel offers for everything from bedding to storage bins. Use these deals to grab those open baskets and other accent pieces for your home! By waiting for these sales, you’ll easily shave 25% or more off your total.

You don’t need an interior designer to have a fabulous looking home! These tips will help you score the most bang for your buck on home decor items so that you can decorate your home for under $100.

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