Flowers at Your Interior: Motifs and Their Meanings

Each flower has its own meaning, symbolizing the spiritual and moral values of humanity, kindness to others and many other beautiful ngelings we have for each other. In order to bring more life in the house, we for a long time have decorated our homes with freshly cut flowers or decor elements which flowery motifs – paintings, wall decoration, home textiles, etc. And of course, bedroom textile with flowers is probably one of the most popular patterns.

What human traits are symbolized with flowers and what to choose in order to communicate a particular message in your home? Today we are going to talk shortly about a few types of flowers and a few types of meaning their carry. ChameleonJohn’s team is also helping us today to prepare this article, so let’s thank them for that and let’s go to the article right away!


Poppy is forgetfulness, sleep and dream’s symbol, so bedding dotted with poppies are indeed magnificent to sleep on. For Ancient Persians, this flower symbolized eternal love. Very often poppies are associated with a woman’s attractiveness, because of its captivating power, and the fact, that men often lose on their heads when looking for a beautiful lady. Moreover, in Persian mythology, women can comfort and soothe everyone in need, but fail to believe in themselves, because they are extremely fragile – just like a poppy. There are not easily convinced, so it will be tough to forget the woman like that.

One of the most beloved and precious flower, also known as the queen of flowers – rose – is often considered being the perfect symbol of beauty. The Rose blossom motifs decorated interior and home textile elements create a romantic atmosphere. Due to the intensity of the color and texture of red rose petals, bedding with roses should be chosen by strong character people who are leaders, because red symbolizes strength and power.

Lily is a wonderful flower, which symbolizes light, peace, divinity, virginity, innocence and piety. White lily represents purity and perfection. Moreover, in a few old European folk songs lily is also one of the most common girl descriptive epithets, denoting her beauty, elegance, and other qualities. Lilac flowers decorated bed creates a sense of peace, harmony and delicate flowers – elegance. Light lily flowers on the fabric in the room also create a sense of freshness.


It is no secret that the tulip is a symbol of the infinite love. The flower is symbolizing the feelings, that any lover can dare to do any deeds for this significant other. Tulips printed fabrics for bedding are usually preferred by people who cherish romance one another dedicated people who want to create their own bed of love, coziness, colorfulness and full of romance.


Magnolia symbolizes self-respect, charm, and sometimes even boastfulness. The magnolia blossoms usually are chosen by those people who are courageous and tenacious. This its own small magnolia blossoms on the fabric, this elegant fabric, creates a play of colors and art accords everyone will love.


For fans of home furnishings and décor according to Feng Shui, we suggest not to miss the beautiful flower of peony, and it beautifully blossoms on textiles. Peony is one of the most emotional flowers, which symbolizes the honor, romance, success and happiness in marriage. This flower according to Feng Shui has long been used to enhance love and romance. However, some Feng Shui masters do not recommend keeping peonies in older couples’ bedrooms, because according to them, this can encourage a man to have an affair with a younger woman.


In various cultures, sunflower is the symbol of the sun and the grandeur. This flower is the one, for people who do not search for the word in a pocket and for individuals who are really courageous. Lush, brightly colored, yellow shaded sunflower blossoms gives the bedroom light and heat. Golden color gives happiness, balance and a sense of joy, so if you lack that in your house – choose this amazing flower.


Orchid flowers usually symbolize luxury. Fantastic orchid flowers printed bedding in your bedroom might create exclusivity, elegance, subtlety. Often, this flower is considered a symbol of harmony in the family. Orchid is also a symbol of fertility. Because of the perfect symmetry of it, the bulb is suitable to use in any home. Abundance, perfection, spiritual growth, beauty, and purity – these epithets best reflect the essence of orchids.


Daisy is a symbol of childhood and innocence. Daisy also means kindness, their blossoms in the bedroom has an unusually strong symbolism. Daisy flowers, in general, are viable, so the interior of the house decorated with these beauties create an invigorating freshness everyone will enjoy.

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