Delicious Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Treat Mom to an amazing Mother’s Day morning with these delicious Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas! 

Mom’s work hard all year long. They cook the meals, keep the house clean, and care for the children. Some moms are involved with their children’s activities and others work a full-time job on top of their household duties. Creating a special mother’s day breakfast is one way to show mom a little appreciation.

Tips for a Delicious Mother’s Day Breakfast

Don’t forget to make breakfast a feast for the eyes as well as a feast for the tummy. Start out by picking a bouquet of flowers, either from outside or from a florist, to place on the table or tray if you’re serving breakfast in bed. If breakfast is being served at the dinner table, plan to serve breakfast on a fresh tablecloth, with pretty cloth napkins, and pull out the fancy dishes.

Have the children make home-made Mother’s Day cards to place on the tray or table. They’ll be the perfect accompaniment to these scrumptious Mother’s Day breakfast idea. Remember, anything your children do for Mom will be appreciated.

Everyone can help pitch in to make Mom a delicious breakfast on Mother’s Day, even the little ones. You don’t have to serve an elaborate meal for it to taste good. In fact, you can probably find many items at your local grocery store, some of them pre-made.

Delicious Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas


Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast for Mother’s Day

Does Mom love pancakes but hates the time it takes to make them? Some grocery stores have packages of pre-made plain or blueberry pancakes which can be fixed in a jiffy. Warm up the syrup, add some berries or other fruit on top, sprinkle them with powdered sugar or a dollop of whipped cream and Mom will think you’ve spent a long time creating this delicious meal. Not a pancake fan? You can do the same with waffles and french toast! Finish it off with juice, coffee, or tea.

Omelet, Frittatas, and Quiches for Mother’s Day

An omelet and fruit platter is another scrumptious Mother’s Day breakfast you could prepare. Find out what type of omelet Mom likes best and then be sure you have those ingredients available. Some options are onions, green peppers, ham, turkey, bacon, chopped tomatoes, and cheese. For the fruit platter, choose fruits which are in season – strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, or pineapple may be available.

Sweet Breakfast Treats for Mother’s Day

Every mom likes to splurge a little on Mother’s Day and what better way to do that than with something sweet! You could head out to the local bakery and grab some sweets but its just as easy to make them at home. From donuts to cinnamon rolls and everything in between, indulge mom’s sweet tooth this Mother’s Day! Place them on a pretty plate and serve them to her in bed with hot tea or juice. 

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