#DeliciousPairings for a Delicious Breakfast

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Breakfast around here normally just consists of a cup of coffee or two {or three or four}. I know, the Breakfast of Champions, right? When I was asked to head to Walmart to try their The Bakery at Walmart Brand Blueberry Muffins and pick up some Starbucks Medium House Blend coffee while I was there, I was right on that! You all know how I can’t resist the ‘Bux!

Why those two together?

Because they are Delicious Pairings that why! The blueberries are complimentary notes for the Medium House Blend as are nuts and apples. Just like there are wine pairings, there are coffee pairings as well!

IMAG0916 (1)

Walmart and Starbucks has made it really easy for you to know which bakery items go well with each coffee blends with these great in-store displays! No thinking involved {I love that!}.


I knew Walmart and Starbucks wouldn’t steer me wrong with the pairings and I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself. I woke up doing my normal routine. Time to make the coffee! While the coffee was brewing, I pulled the muffins out so I wouldn’t forget about them. When your kids get up at the crack of dawn, you tend to be a little non-functional!

delicious pairings

The verdict? Such a great combination! I knew the coffee wouldn’t disappoint me. When has Starbucks ever disappointed me? However, this was the first time that I have had muffins from the bakery at Walmart. They were delicious: moist and blueberry-ey {yes, I made up that word!}.

delicious pairings-4

Did You Know?

delicious pairings-8

In exchange for your empty coffee bag, Starbucks will give you a tall {12 fl oz} brewed coffee on them! Free coffee? Sign me up!

Looking for more ways to put your coffee habit to good use?

5 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grinds

5 ways to reuse coffee grinds

1. Fertilize your flowers. Roses, hydrangeas, azaleas and other acid-loving plants can benefit from coffee grinds. The coffee grinds add some acidity and nutrients to the soil.

2. Remove odors. Coffee grinds are great deodorizers! After chopping smelly foods like garlic and onions, rub the loose grinds on your hands and then wash them off with soap and water.

3. Soften Your Skin. You can use coffee grinds to exfoliate your skin! Just mix it with a little brown sugar and coconut oil and you have a great scrub for the shower. This would be perfect scrub to wake you up in the morning.

4. Get rid of the grease! Rub your coffee grinds onto dirty pots and pans with a scouring pad. The coffee grinds will add some extra abrasion and can help remove those stuck-on messes.

5. Fix a scratch. You can use coffee to hide scratches on dark wood finishes. Make a paste with warm water and the used grinds. Rub the paste over the scratch and wipe off with a towel. The grinds will stain the wood and help make the scratch a little less noticeable.

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  1. Wow! I did not know you could get a fresh cup of coffee for an empty bag! We’ve wasted a lot of free coffees!! I also didn’t know I could use the grinds in my hydrangeas. I will do that this year.

  2. I’m so excited that you can get free coffee with the empty bag. I’m jealous that you had a Starbucks pairing area at your Walmart!

  3. I like knowing I can get a free cup of coffee for bringing in my old coffee bag! I also liked your tips on how to re-use my coffee grinds. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. I love that Starbucks is taking the bags back! I just tried the medium blend this weekend and thought it was pretty good though I love my French Roast.

  5. Ha! What a great campaign for you. Whenever I want to stop by a drive through coffee place, I think to myself – if Steph at A Grande Life and do without, so can I …it has worked so far! Leave it to you, though, to bring the coffee shop to your home!

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