DIY Dinosaur Lamp for Less Than $30!

You can recreate this Pottery Barn Kids inspired dinosaur lamp for yourself for less than $30!
 DIY Dinosaur Lamp-8

I am in the process of converting Ben’s room from little boy to big boy! He still has his hand me down nursery decor. Which would work fine. When we chose this decor for Ethan, we purposely picked something that wasn’t too baby. And it’s lasted 7 years! I think we did well. 

But Ben has been asking for redo. He’s obsessed with the Night at the Museum movies and asked us for a museum room. I have been picking up things and here when shopping at Homegoods and it’s coming together really well. We were recently shopping at the mall and popped into Pottery Barn Kids. And then I spotted it. The perfect lamp!


I mean tell me that’s not the perfect lamp for his museum room. But there was something wrong with it: the price. I could not justify spending $129 on a lamp for a kid’s room. 

I shared my woe on Facebook and a few friends assured me that I could hack this lamp myself. I am always up for a challenge like this. Last year, I recreated antique white pumpkins from Target. Surely I could this! 

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate this Pottery Barn Kids inspired dinosaur lamp:


I grabbed a $15 lamp from Target and ordered a 3D wooden dinosaur puzzle on Amazon for only $9.99! Once you have your main supplies, you will need Krazy Glue and spray paint. 

DIY Dinosaur Lamp-1


STEP ONE: Start by assembling your dinosaur. Have the kids help! It’s a lot of fun to put together. While putting it together, I glued it to make sure it wouldn’t fall apart later.

DIY Dinosaur Lamp-2

STEP TWO: Once you have your dinosaur assembled, it’s time to attach it to the lamp base! It took me awhile to figure out the best placement of the dinosaur on the lamp. Once I got it just right, I used the Krazy Glue to secure it to the lamp. Be careful! You do NOT want to glue yourself to the lamp! 

DIY Dinosaur Lamp-3

STEP THREE: It doesn’t take long, but let the glue dry before spray painting. Tape up the light bulb socket and plug so that you don’t paint that!

DIY Dinosaur Lamp-4

STEP FOUR: Take your dinosaur lamp outside and cover your area with a drop cloth or plastic tablecloth. It’s finally time to spray paint! I used Rust-oleum Hammered spray paint for a textured look.

DIY Dinosaur Lamp-5

My lamp only needed one coat to cover. Make sure you get inside all of the ridges and underneath! Let dry over night.

DIY Dinosaur Lamp-7

And that’s it! You can recreate this Pottery Barn Kids inspired dinosaur lamp for less than $30 and in under one hour! 

diy dinosaur lamp for less than $30

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