DIY Faux Painted Pumpkins

Yesterday while cruising around Target…alone, I stumbled across these cute painted pumpkins that were just put on the shelves. I know they were just put on the shelved because I practically live at Target and this was the first time I saw them.


They were cute and I thought they would make a great addition to my fall decor. My husband is anti-Halloween so I can’t have any fun with Halloween decorations but fall…well, I fall it up around the house! But what I didn’t think was cute about those pumpkins was the $12.99 price tag. For as many as I would need, it would cost me way over $50 and I just could not justify that.

So I did what any other person who wanted to save a few bucks would do. I made my own. I walked next door to AC Moore, grabbed 6 pumpkins and 2 gourds, some paint (I chose Antique White Acrylic Paint) and brushes, and settled in for an afternoon of painting.

DIY Faux Painted Pumpkins supplies-1

Now I will admit, after have to paint 5 coats to cover the pumpkins, I did have a moment where I thought it would have been easier to just buy the darn things.

DIY Faux Painted Pumpkins process-1

But I am glad I pushed through and finished them. Because they look like the real deal!

DIY Faux Painted Pumpkins -4

And it didn’t cost me $50.

DIY Faux Painted Pumpkins

diy faux painted pumpkins

Price Breakdown

6 pumpkins – $5.94
2 gourds – $1.98
8 oz of Antique White Paint – $3.99
Gold Paint – $1.99
Brushes – $.99

Total Cost for My Pumpkins – $14.89!

DIY Faux Painted Pumpkins -2

You could paint these in various ways. You could paint gold polka dots or stripes. Or even paint them black and gold. The possibilities are endless!

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HOW TO MAKE A (2) faux pumpkin flower planter

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  1. LOVE them! We don’t do Halloween but we do fall….now could you maybe make some for me? I saw these sweet black pumpkins with silver designs that are so up my darker decor alley. Afraid I am queen klutz at crafts though.

  2. These are so sweet!! And I LOVED how much you were able to save by making them yourself!

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