DIY Instaframes

Mother’s Day is just a few short weeks away! While mom won’t necessarily dislike the fancy necklace and sparkly earrings you were planning on buying her, she would love a homemade gift as well! If you have a mom that is obsessed with Instagram (who isn’t), she’ll love these DIY Instaframes!

DIY Instaframes

DIY Instaframes


1. Paint It


Start off by painting a border for your Insta Frames. Then add a generous coat of your selected paint color. If necessary, wait 3 minutes before adding a second coat. Then allow to dry for 10 minutes before moving on to the next step.

2. Plan It


After you plan your look, trace your design by using a stencil or get creative and free-hand something impressive! Once your plan is in place, it’s time to turn up the heat. Take your heat tool and attach the first tip by screwing it into the end of the tool. Then plug it in and place it on the stand (on a heat-proof surface). Allow at least 10 minutes for the tool to fully heat up. BE CAUTIOUS: The end of the tool and attached tip will get VERY hot.

3. Test & Burn It


Once you’re heated up, test your branding skills on a scrap surface (preferably the same as the one you’ll be branding). Adjust the angle of the tip to change the thickness of your line. Get a feel for the best tip and technique on your scrap surface. When you’ve found your branding sweet spot, go ahead and start branding the first part of your design on the surface. Use pliers or a heat-proof tool to remove the hot tip and screw in the next. Repeat burning until your text or design is complete.


You can pick up all the essentials for this project for only $44 on Darby Smart! The wood burning hot pen and stamps can be used again and again so this is a great value!

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  1. These frames are awesome. I just love that you used the hashtags on the frames. That heating tool is really cool too!

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