DIY Winter Tree Cones

When I picked up the paper mache pumpkins back in October, I also grabbed some cones as well. I knew they would come in handy for the holidays. I just needed to come up with how to use them! After surfing Pinterest (for hours and hours), I kept seeing this beautfiul white, textured cones. And I knew that was what I wanted to do!


When choosing what to cover my cones with, I knew I wanted texture. I picked up a few different things like yarn, toile, and glitter., not really knowing what I was going to end up using.

DIY Christmas Tree Cones-2

Before I started, I painted each cone because I didn’t want the brown showing through. I didn’t have any white on hand but the antique white worked just fine.

DIY Christmas Tree Cones-3

Once they were dry, I worked on the largest cone first. I chose the textured yarn for that. I started at the top and worked my way down to the bottom of the coned. I was going to use hot glue but went with Tacky Glue instead. Me and a hot glue gun are not a good mix! The tacky glue worked just fine and allowed me some wiggle room if I needed to fix a row.

DIY Christmas Tree Cones-4

When I was finished, I was so, so happy with this one! I love everythign about it: the texture, the hint of silver, everything!
DIY winter Tree Cones-7

Up next was the glitter tree! I knew my husband was not going to be happy about this one so I had to contain the glitter somehow. Thankfully, I had some disposable cake pans in the pantry and that helped keep all the glitter some-what contained. Can you really ever contain all the glitter?

DIY Christmas Tree Cones-11

I started off using Mod Podge for the glitter but found that spray adhesive worked a lot better!

DIY winter Tree Cones-1

The last tree? Well that was the most difficult. I had these grand plans of using toile for the cone but it was just not working. So I had to great creative. I saw this great tutorial on how to make a coffee filter tree and knew that was exactly what I needed to do!

Just cut the middle of the coffee filter out…

DIY Christmas Tree Cones-12

…and wrap around your cone! Just press down on the pleats to adhere to the cone with some Tacky glue.

DIY Christmas Tree Cones-13

I also sprayed the coffee filters with some spray adhesive and dusted some glitter for a little something more.

DIY winter Tree Cones-14

I have a lot more to make but I am loving how they look on my bay windows!

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  1. Pinned for later! I was just in the craft store yesterday and eye-balled those cones. Al the crafts I have seen with them look difficult, but this is something even I can handle!

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