A Dutch Wonderful Day

This past weekend, we surprised the boys {ok, E really} with a family day out at Dutch Wonderland. When we pulled into the parking lot, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He saw a roller coaster and freaked out {in a good way!} But before we could hop on the coaster, we stopped for breakfast in Merlin’s restaurant for their character breakfast. We ate breakfast with Princess Brooke, the Dutch Wonderland Knight, Duke and of course, Merlin!

dutch wonderland merlin and friends

After breakfast, our first stop was to see how tall E was and what rides he could go on. Dutch Wonderland has height categories name after gems to help you determine which rides your children can go on. We knew E would be right at the cut off and, thankfully, just made it to be an Amber. This meant he could go on all the rides he wanted: the Space Shuttle and the Kingdom Coaster.
dutch wonderland height categories

Before we headed to the big rides, we decided to take Ben on his very first ride, the Dragon’s Lair. He loved it!

dutch wonderland dragons lair

That was enough “baby” rides for E and he high tailed it over to the Space Shuttle. I don’t know where this kid gets his thrill for rides like this but it sure isn’t me!

dutch wonderland space shuttle

The thrills didn’t end there. Oh no, my boy insisted on riding the Kingdom Coaster about 17 times {no lie} and riding front seat every chance he could.

dutch wonderland kingdom coaster

I don’t know how we did it, but we finally got him off that coaster and broke the bad news that it was time to leave. Not to worry, we will be coming really soon!


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Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets and breakfast vouchers in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


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