Easy Chalkboard Lettering

One thing that I am not is crafty. I can cut a straight line and I always burn myself when working with a hot glue gun (they’ve been banned in my house). But the past year, I’ve been trying to be more crafty. I’ve picked easy projects like my Faux Painted Pumpkins, Winter Tree Conesand Burlap Wreath.

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One of the things that I have always wanted to but have been too intimated was writing something on chalkboard. I have pretty decent handwriting but put chalk in my hand and it’s terrible. I’ve seen friends post beautifully written sayings on chalkboard and I think “Why can’t I do that?”

When I was getting ready for my photography workshop this weekend, I had the idea of finally attempting some chalkboard lettering. I had bought these cute chalkboard easels and I thought they would be perfect signs. But how was I going to letter them?

I went back to my scrapbooking days when I would transfer fonts all the time by this simple trick! Are you ready for it?

How To: Easy Chalkboard Lettering

easy chalkboard lettering

First, open up a new document in either Word or Google Docs or you could make something in Photoshop, PicMonkey, Canva, whatever! I used Word for mine so I could use my own fonts. Next, type out your quote, saying, etc. and lay it out how you want it to look on your chalkboard.

how to chalkboard lettering

Now, pick some fonts! If you need help picking some chalkboard fonts, I have a whole list of FREE chalkboard fonts to help you out.

best free chalkboard fonts

Once you have your saying designed, print it out!

how to chalkboard lettering2

You are all set to start lettering! But first, you need some supplies. You could use a chalk pen (if you want your sign to be permanent) or you could use some old fashioned chalk. Personally, I prefer straight up chalk.

easy chalkboard lettering-1

Are you ready for another trick? Sharpen your chalk with a pencil sharpener so you have point to write with! I mean, really, who would have thought that would make the difference. But it totally does!

easy chalkboard lettering-2

Now you are ready to start lettering. Flip your paper to the back and chalk all over it. You want to make sure you cover it really well.

easy chalkboard lettering-3

Next, trace your lettering onto the chalkboard using a pencil. To make sure your paper doesn’t move, you can tape it down to the chalkboard using painter’s tape.

easy chalkboard lettering-4

Once you have traced all the letters, remove your paper. Make sure you don’t drag the paper across so you don’t smear the chalk.

easy chalkboard lettering-5

Start writing over the letters you traced! If you are left handed like me, I find that writing upside down and backwards helps prevent smearing the chalk.

easy chalkboard lettering-6

Clean up the chalk dust and stray lines with a wet q-tip.

easy chalkboard lettering-7

It’s that simple!

easy chalkboard lettering-10

To get you started, I created this fun printable for you to traced onto your own chalkboard! To print, just click on the image below or print directly from this link!

easy chalkboard lettering

Have fun creating your own chalkboard signs!

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