Easy Face Painting from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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I can’t believe that Halloween is only a few weeks away! I feel like it’s crept up on me this year. Maybe it’s our crazy Fall schedule. But this past weekend, we secured everyone’s costumes (yup, including mine) and some decorations to get in the Halloween Spirit. 


We also had a little fun with facepaint! Snazaroo, maker of face paints, kits and accessories for kids, makes it easy for parents and caregivers to “Paint a Smile” this Halloween! And I am here to tell you that it Snazaroo paints are really easy. I have never painted a face in my life. Shocking I know.


But with their booklet containing step-by-instructions I was able to create some fun and simple designs. It includes designs for popular animals, seasonal themes, princesses and fairies, pirates and heroes, and, of course, Halloween and horror!


Once I was comfortable with the paints, I decided to get a little creative! By then, the whole neighborhood was on board and we came up with some designs fit for a galaxy far, far away!

Easy Face Painting from a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Below are two face painting designs that anyone can pull off! Some tips before you start:

  • Make sure your sponge and brush are damp. 
  • You want to the wet paints a little! But be careful not to overwet them or the colors will be thin and watery. 
  • To fill in eyes, have the child close their eyes and dab with the sponge.*

* Made in the UK with FDA approved ingredients, Snazaroo is a top-quality product that is safe for your child—paraben and fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin, non-toxic and washable. It is fully compliant with US and EU toy and cosmetic regulations.

Darth Vader


Using black paint and the thin brush, create the mask shape. To cover the eyes and fill in, use the round sponge. Bring Darth Vader’s mask to life by using white paint to add the details. 


This is one of my favorites! Again, using white paint and the thin brush, create a white mask. Next, take the sponge and blot gray paint onto the cheeks. Then, with black paint, draw a U shape and circles on forehead. Now add the orange details! 


Finally outline the mask with black and add highlights with white paint.


Snazaroo has a wide range of colors, glitters, and stencils that parents can use to easily recreate a spooky look for Halloween, or a more fun look for birthday parties or playdates.


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