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Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist Game

Watch out for the cranky croc’s chompers!

Crocodile Dentist Featured Image

If you are looking for a fun family game that everyone can play, look no futher. This hilarious Crocodile Dentist game challenges you to watch out for Silly Jock Croc’s sore tooth.

The game is simple. Everyone takes turn pressing down one of Jock Croc’s teeth. If he chomps down after you press, you are out of the game! If your daring dentistry is better than anyone else’s, you’ll win!

Crocodile Dentist-2

We love that the game changes up every time. You never know which press will make Jock Croc upset. It could be the first time or you could get all of this teeth pressed down. Don’t worry! Little fingers will not get pinched. When the croc’s mouth closes, there is still room for fingers. Or if your child is anything like mine, they will try beat getting their finger chomped!

Crocodile Dentist is designed for kids ages 4 and up with up to 4 players. No batteries required so this makes this a great travel game too! Pack it in the car for your next long car ride or so that the kids have something to do on a rainy beach day.

Crocodile Dentist-4

Crocodile Dentist is available on the Hasbro Toy ShopAmazon or your favorite retailer.

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