Elf on the Shelf Journal Free Printable

Your kids can write down all of the their Elf’s antics with this Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Journal!

elf on the shelf journal

We are Elf crazy over here and our Elf on the Shelf, Kevin, will be making his appearance next weekend! After seeing many people on Facebook posting about how they couldn’t remember where they put their Elf last year, I thought it would be best to locate ours. I’m happy to report that our Elf has been found (tucked away on a high, high shelf) and he’s all set for a new round of antics!

Elf? Check.

Elf on the Shelf Calendar complete with ideas on where to hide said Elf? Check. 

elf on the shelf calendar

Up next? An Elf on the Shelf Journal!

elf on the shelf journal

Ethan has been busy with his writing in Kindergarten and I thought the extra practice at home wouldn’t hurt. If you have been through the early writing stages, you know what a struggle it can be. It can be frustrating, for both you and your child. So I thought I would make it fun and hide the fact that we are actually doing a little writing work!

I created our Elf on the Shelf journal so Ethan could document all of the fun places that our Elf was found every morning and to record all of his antics. I thought it would help add even more excitement to our morning routine and also sneak in that pesky writing practice.


Want one for yourself? Just click on the image below or directly load the PDF to print this letter.

elf on the shelf journal free printableThe Ultimate Elf on the Shelf Guide

The Ultimate Elf on the Shelf Guide

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  1. What fun! I like the idea of thinking ahead and not scrambling at the last minute to find a place to put the elf!

  2. Ooooooh, writing a journal. You just took it up a notch, Steph! The teacher in me loves that idea. Can’t wait until A is writing. Great stuff!

  3. Thank you, thank you, what a brilliant idea. We can’t wait to introduce an Elf journal this Christmas. Really appreciate the printable too.

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