Elf on the Shelf Link Up – Week 1

Our Elf on the Shelf, Kevin, arrived last Sunday.  He has been up to some Elf Antics all week and the kids are loving it! I have been following my Elf on the Shelf Calendar and it has been a HUGE help! No more wondering where I am going to put that darn Elf every night. I did all the hard work ahead of time and now I just have to remember to do it before heading to bed!

Let’s see what Kevin has been up to this week.

Day 1

Kevin arrived with “snow covered” donuts to surprise the kids Sunday morning! He also brought a letter from the big man himself.

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 2

This one is one of my favorites so far. I just took a spare shoe, secured it on the banister, and plopped Kevin in. One negative about this was trying to keep Ben from taking Kevin out of the shoe!

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 3

Since the boys have a ton of toys laying around every night, I gathered them all up and had Kevin read them “Santa is Coming to Philadelphia.”

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 4

I wanted to do this one last year but just never got around to it. So simple and easy!

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 5

Talk about easy! I just put Kevin in the tissue box and tucked him in. Poor little guy was tired after his first busy week in our house.

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 6

Kevin was supposed to repel down the china cabinet. Instead, he got a little tied up!. I just grabbed some holiday ribbon and attached it to the top of the china cabinet. I made sure I kept the ribbon short enough so Ben couldn’t reach Kevin.

elf on the shelf ideas

What has your Elf been up to this week? Link up your Elf Antics!

elf on the shelf link up

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