Elf on the Shelf Link Up – Week 2

This week, we deviated a bit from our Elf on the Shelf calendar mainly because I went to bed early and forgot to move him. I frantically texted my husband {you know, instead of leaving my warm, comfy bed} and asked him to move Kevin. When I told him where to put him according to the calendar, he huffed and just moved him to where he wanted to. And that’s ok! There’s no pressure for the Elf Antics in this house.

Let’s see what Kevin has been up to this week.

Day 7

Kevin built himself a friend, a marshmallow snowman! This was a big hit with Ethan.

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 8

Super Kevin came back to make sure our house was safe!

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 9

After spending the previous day as Super Kevin, he needed a little break and just hung around.

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 10

Kevin came in like a wrecking ball!

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 11

Kevin had a great view of the boys and their antic when he hung out in the stockings.

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 12

I knew Ethan would love this one! His Lego Mini-Figures captured Kevin!

elf on the shelf ideas

Day 13

Well, would you look at that. The Elf actually does sit on the shelf! And I totally need to dust that shelf!

elf on the shelf ideas

What has your Elf been up to this week? Link up your Elf Antics!

elf on the shelf link up

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