Elf on the Shelf

Meet Kevin, our Elf on the Shelf. Kevin joined our family last Sunday as we started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year.

elf on the shelf

He was so thoughtful on his first morning. He brought breakfast: snow covered donuts!

elf on the shelf

He also brought a letter from the big man himself, Santa.

elf on the shelf

Kevin seems to be enjoying his stay with his. So far, he has gotten cozy in a stocking.

elf on the shelf ideas

Spent a little time in our Christmas village.

elf on the shelf ideas

He also got a little traditional and hung out on our shelf.

elf on the shelf ideas

Kevin has also been into a little mischief. We caught him ziplining across our bay window the other morning!

elf on the shelf ideas

I can’t wait to see where else our Elf on the Shelf pops up!

Has your family adopted the Elf on a Shelf tradition? Has he gotten into any mischief yet?

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  1. My mom had these elves when I was tiny. Of course they were not called Elf on the shelf then. So last year I donated one to Sunday for her boys and this year one to my girlfriend for her youngest son, leaving me only one left. I am SOOO entering in the inappropriate elf on the shelf contest…

  2. So cute. We had elf for a day and then I felt bad that my son was talking to a doll….so Elf is no more

  3. Oh so you’re one of THOSE people who comes up with creative things for your elf to do while the rest of us just move him from shelf to shelf?

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