Emergency Magical Elf Dust

We are only two days in and we had an Elf mishap this morning. Some little hands touched the Elf “accidentally.” The bigger one was distraught over it! “How will he fly back to Santa tonight, Mom?” Let’s rewind a bit. 

elf on the shelf-1

You see this is my fault. I thought Ben was old enough to have the Elf lower this year. That he would understand about not touching our Elf, Kevin. Clearly I was totally wrong. I placed him under our TV last night and made it look like he was playing video games while we were sleeping. When Ben went to get the remote this morning, he “accidentally” touched the Elf.  According to Ethan, the Elf shook a little bit and clearly lost his magic. 

So what’s an Elf Mom to do? She whips up some Emergency Magical Elf Dust!

emergency magical elf dust

All you need is some glitter, a plastic baggie, and my printable! It’s that easy. 

emergency magical elf dust-2

I placed the emergency dust in an envelope as if it came from the Big Man himself. I pulled out my Christmas stickers and washi tape to give it an authentic look. And, of course, I had to disguise my handwriting. I left it on the Christmas Tree for the kids to find after school. 

emergency magical elf dust-3

Problem solved! With just a little pinch of our “magical” Elf Dust and Kevin will be good as new!

Print your own Emergency Magical Elf Dust bag topper. 

[easy_media_download url=”https://agrandelife.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/magical-elf-dust-printable.pdf” text=”DOWNLOAD” color=”red_darker”]

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