Erin’s Dream

Everyday I drive past the sign urging people to go vote for Erin’s Dream. I kept saying, everday, “I have to go do that.” I finally stoped procrasintating and went to check it out. And you should too.

What is Erin’s Dream?

Erin’s Dream is to fundraise the remaining $200,000 to purchase an historic farmhouse in my hometown. Upon purchasing the home, the house will be restored in an effort to support other families, like Erin’s, who have lost a child or are facing the loss of a child due to terminal illness.

Erin has lost 2 of her 3 children to infant Leukemia. Her children have inspired her to appreciate everyday and to follow her heart. Her family was very fortunate to receive great support from their family and community during her children’s battles with cancer. When they passed, the support waned while the pain and difficulties continued in their lives.

Erin’s goal is to build a Home of HOPE for families like hers. The farmhouse property is ideal for refreshing a broken heart. She wants other families who have lost a child to feel supported and welcome while also free to grieve.

So how can you help Erin?

Erin’s Dream is just one of thousand projects submited to the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. Currently, she is ranked #4. After reading her story and her dream, I feel we have to get her to #1. By restoring the farmhouse and creating an environment of hope, Erin will reach and support many families that are going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. And that is one dream I can get behind.

To vote for Erin, visit her Refresh Everything Page HERE.  You can vote up to 10 times a day and voting ends April 30th! I also encourage you to take a look around. You might be surprised and find a project happening on your block.

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