10 Essentials You Need This Winter

Don’t let winter weather get you down! These winter essentials will get you through your next snow day!

It’s getting colder outside and our first winter storm is due to hit at any time! While I love looking out at the blanket of white snow, I hate being cold! 

In our area, I feel like winter just sneaks up on us. After all, it was 70 degrees on Halloween! We’ll wake up one morning and it will have gone form warm and humid to freezing and dry. If I don’t have my winter essentials on hand, I’ll be grossly unprepared. And freezing!

That’s why I make sure I am stocked up on all of my winter essentials. From a big warm jacket to waterproof boots,  you’ll be all set for wherever your cold weather hits you!

Winter Essentials You Need

Winter Essentials You Need


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