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Family Game Night: Hedbanz Electronic

One of my family’s “non” traditions during the holidays is playing a family game. I say it’s a non-tradition because I am not even sure how it started or who started it but someone always seems to throw a game in their bag and everyone ends up playing.

This Thanksgiving was no different. This time, I was the one who threw a game in my bag. We had never played it before so I wasn’t sure how this one was gonna go. As I pulled Hedbanz™ Electronic out of the bag, my nieces got excited. They had played Hedbanz before but not this version.


Hedbanz™ Electronicis the fast-paced, team-based electronic version of the quick-question game of “What Am I?”   Players pick a partner, put on a headband and grab a card. Players wear a “picture card” in their headband, and then quickly ask questions to figure out what they are. For example: “Am I food?” “Am I a vegetable?” “Am I ketchup?”


The game unit’s “Electronic Host” determines which game mode they’ll play in that round: Ask It, Do It, or Describe It. The Host also directs the game, tracks time and keeps score. The kids split in two teams and picked the adults they wanted on their team.


While the kids faced off, the adults helped when they needed a little extra hints. Our favorite mode? Do it! My sister had no problems acting out some of the clues and, if I am being totally honest, she was really good at it. You definitely want her on your team!

The kids also loved that the game kept score for you. After the rounds, the host would announce who was in the lead. This helped make everyone get even more competitive! We had a serious game of Hedbanz going on!


Hedbanz™ Electronic is an ever-changing, exciting family game experience ideal for children age 7+ (but my 5 year old did awesome!). Buy Hedbanz™ Electronic for your next family game night!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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