These are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

I can not believe that Christmas was a week and a half ago. Having both kids home from school for the past two weeks has taken a lot out of us! Thankfully, everyone is back in school this week and we can back to our regularly scheduled programming.

During our time off, we had a lot of time to play and test out all of our Christmas gifts, adults included!

favorite gifts 2013

A Preschooler’s Favorite Christmas Gift

favorite gift leap pad ultra

Ben’s favorite gift this Christmas was hands down the LeapPad Ultra! Ben used to fight Ethan for the iPad on a daily basis. He loved playing Temple Run and Angry Birds. We got him the LeapPad in hopes that it would curb the fighting. That if he had a “computer” of his own there would be less yelling and tears. And it’s worked! He loves playing on his “little computer.” We got him some games to go with it {Sesame Street Solve It with Elmo, Abby, and Grover and  Letter Factory} and he loves to take care of his Pet!

Ben gives the LeapPad Ultra two thumbs up!

A School Ager’s Favorite Christmas Gift

favorite gift lego jabba sail barge

The number one thing Ethan asked Santa for this year was Lego Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge. I grabbed this one early when Target it had it at a ridiculously low price. $120 for Legos? Um, no. But $80? That I could do. This was his big gift and his face Christmas morning was priceless. It took him {ok, it took Dad} 3 hours to put together. I think what he likes most about it is that you can actually play with it. The Sail Barge has rooms inside that house all the mini-figures and he can act the scene from Star Wars.

So far it has remained in one piece {knock on wood}!

Dad’s Favorite Christmas Gift

favorite gift nhl 14

Is your husband as difficult to shop for like mine? We always say that we aren’t going to get each other presents but then he goes and gets me something. Usually under the guise that it’s from the kids. So, I turned the tables on him this year and let the boys pick something out for him. Ethan knows how much he likes to play PlayStation3 so he picked out NHL ’14 for him! One of things I used a lot this holiday season was in store pick up. Best. Thing. Ever. I would order online and then when I was out, swing by the store and pick it up!

Mom’s Favorite Christmas Gift

favorite gift lifeproof

When we were at Gaylord National, my phone decided to not charge itself anymore and died. When I took it to see what was wrong, I was told it was the port itself. When I got my replacement phone, I knew I needed a case that would protect the port. Imagine my surprise when I opened a Lifeproof Fre Christmas morning! Not only is this thing waterproof and kid proof, but it protects the USB port! Exactly what I needed!

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?


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  1. Mine was definitely the cruise to the Bahamas – 3 days of relaxation and no wifi! Pretty awesome, and it was a great chance to get away before the baby comes next summer.

    Kiddo….hmm…probably his Henry the train. He’s pretty attached to it.

    Hubs got alot of dress socks, and he’s happy with those! lol

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