First Day of School {2013}

Last week was so full of firsts for both of my boys. They both started school!

Let’s start with Ben!

Last year, Ben went to daycare for a brief stint. He went where Ethan was going but I couldn’t justify the cost so we pulled him. And he stayed home with me while Ethan went to Pre-K. In the Spring, my husband and I decided that the fall would be the best time for Ben to go back to school. Not to a daycare but to a pre-school program. A place where he would learn and get the social interaction he wasn’t getting at home.


We found a great program at a local church. It’s three half days a week and he loves it! We went to the open house last Wednesday and he took off. Checking out all of the toys and playing with the kids. When it was time to leave him on Thursday, he took off for the toys again and didn’t even look back. At pick up, he was all smiles! I think we found the perfect fit for him.

After we got through Ben’s first days of school, it was Ethan’s turn. I was honestly dreading that first day. Ethan is very shy {I don’t know where he gets it from}. We’ve practiced walking to school to get him used to the routine. We’ve talked about all of the fun things he would do in Kindergarten. We tried to get him as best prepared as we could.


I don’t know who was more nervous that first day: him or us. My husband took the day off so he could walk him to school as well. We talked about talking to other kids and how to introduce yourself.

And then we reached the door.

We waited with some other kids that would be in his class for a teacher to let the kids in. And then it was time. I gave him a hug and told him to have fun. He turned to walk in but quickly turned back.



And he pulled me close for a kiss.

And off he went.


Pick up time didn’t come soon enough. I couldn’t wait to see what he thought. He admitted that he kinda had a little fun and told us how they had music class and colored and read a book. He couldn’t have had a better day!

Here’s too many more years of the first day of school! I hope they all go smoothly as this one.


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  1. Super cute photos! Your boys are getting so big!

    I’m glad they both had good days of school. It sounds like it went as smoothly as it could have! Awesome 🙂

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