Five Whole Months

I know I say it every month but I can not believe another one has gone by! I guess it’s true when they say times flies when you are having fun.

And boy is he ever having fun.

Benny has recently learned the joy of playing. And he’s already stealing his big brother’s toys.

Two teeth have taken up residence in his mouth and we are all so happy that they have finally arrived.

can you see them?

Benny loves to spend the day rolling around on the floor. And, unfortunately, rolling around all night. We are in the pancake stage. Every night, we the hubster gets up a few times to flip him back over on his tummy. Although, we have almost mastered rolling back to belly so our pancake days may soon be over. 

He is making his way through the solid foods list. He hates anything green {shocking!} and loves his fruits, especially pears. And, apparently, fingers are pretty good as well.

Let’s see just how much Benny has grown in the past month!

Slow down sweet baby!

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  1. he's getting SOOOO big! I've never heard it called the Pancake stage! I can't believe he has teeth already, did E get teeth that early?

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