Fix-It Friday

My favorite day of the week! This week I decided to play around with some black & whites.



My Fixes:


b&w color spot


To see more fixes, head on over to i heart faces.

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  1. It may be in your blog already but what the heck program do you use to get those specific colored areas?!?! I WANT that program so bad…could probably find it out online but I'm tired and lazy..let me know if you remember! Thanks!

  2. Hi Momma G.

    In regards to Sarah's question, what version of Photoshop do you utilize?

    I love what you did…I'm still working on editing my 'Fix-It', which might take me a bit since I'm also tending to my own kiddo's. lol 😀

  3. @ God's Not Finished With Us – I have PSE 7 (I think it's 7). But you can do the colorspotting with any photoeditting software.

  4. Thanks for the great edits… I love the black and white on these! And the selective color! Well… I love them all! Thanks again!

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