Free Printable Blank Countdown

Making a countdown to enjoy as a family is super simple with this free printable!

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May is a really busy month in this house! We have two birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate. This means we do a lot of counting down! We are always counting down to something.

To help my little one grasp the concept of a countdown, I created a blank countdown printable for us to use. Right now, we are counting down the days until his birthday. The best part about using a blank printable is that we can use it over and over again with the help of a dry erase marker!

Once his birthday comes and go, we will then start counting down until my oldest’s birthday! After that? The end of school! The countdown will help me prepare them for their summer break and also remind me how much time I have left to myself!

Download Your Free Printable Blank Countdown

free blank countdown printableWith this blank countdown printable,  you can count down to anything (birthdays, your next vacation, holidays or the first day of school)!  With this blank count down calendar template, the sky is the limit!

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For the best results, print out your blank printable on white cardstock. Then add to an 8×10 frame you probably have laying around the house (or larger frame with an 8×10 opening). You will have to trim the sides down to fit.

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Place the printable in your frame and you can easily write and re-write your countdown with a dry erase marker. I have found that the thinner dry erase markers work best! The glass in the frame acts like a dry-erase board so you can wipe off whenever you are ready to switch your countdown.

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What will you be using your blank countdown printable to count down to?

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  1. That is such a great idea. I am totally using this. Thanks!

  2. This is super cute- thanks for the printable! I love the countdowns! 🙂

  3. I love this concept. I would use this to countdown the days until I go on vacation.

  4. They say that one of the key to happiness is not just the event but also the anticipation leading up to it. What a great way to do this.

  5. This is wonderful. My older kid is getting a better perception of time lately. Spring and summer are big in this house because of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and three birthdays within a family of four! So it’s nice to always be counting down to something.

  6. Thanks for the awesome printable. I was just thinking this morning I needed a countdown because my youngest daughter is having the hardest time with keeping up with how many more days till school is out!!

  7. I would like to add some of these Printables to make a Gallery Wall in my home office … I will definitely check the website.

  8. I love the concept of this! It really is a help for kiddos to understand counting and how calendars (days) work! We are always counting down to the next big event at our house too and it makes me crazy to always have to re-count on the calendar every other day to let them know how many days until….LOL

  9. That is a really great idea, I’m going to do it for my daughter’s graduation countdown. Thank you.

  10. This is great for our countdown to Nationals in July. Thanks for the free printable and for making it look so easy.

  11. I love this! I have a recipe board that is a similar concept but I love this countdown idea. Thanks for sharing the free printable.

  12. Oh I like that! What a fun creative idea to have around the house. You can use it for more than jut birthdays too

  13. I love this concept on so many levels. My daughter just moved into a new apartment so I think I will make this for her. Thanks for gift idea.

  14. This is a super sweet idea! I would love to count down our next Disney vacation!

  15. This countdown is so cute! I bet I can use it for my upcoming vacation! My daughter would love to countdown the days until we leave.

  16. Such a cute printable! I love this, because it helps the never ending “Is it my birthday yet??? How many days now?” Now they can count down how many more “sleeps” before the big day!

  17. I’m dropping by from the SITS Girls link party. This is an absolutely fantastic idea. I’m going to download this IMMEDIATELY! Thank you so much for sharing the printable and for your creative idea.

    I’m trying to grow my own link party. I invite you to share this (and other ideas) because I think my readers would absolutely love it. My Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party is at http://grandmaideas.com.


  18. Clever fun for the kiddo’s. I love it! We are so glad you shared with us at Merry Monday. We look forward to seeing your creativity again.

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