Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday…you know what that means!


1 – Before we left for vacation, my parents gave E spending money. He picked out this awesome balloon animal and a “Melmo” t-shirt. He loves that balloon. Unfortunately, part of the penguin popped so all we have left is the black part of the body and the face. But that doesn’t stop him from loving it!

2 – This is the view I had from our room. Since someone was up every morning at 5:45, I was able to enjoy the sunrise.

3 – At first, E wasn’t too sure about the sand. Once I plopped him down and gave him some toys, he started to enjoy it. What I didn’t enjoy about it was the ton of sand that was in his diaper afterwards. Poor thing!

4 – E’s first time on the beach was Friday night after we arrived. I felt a little sad that the hubster wasn’t there to see him. Although there wasn’t much to see since E wanted me to immediately pick him up and demanded to be carried.

5 – One of my favorite memories of this vacation was our morning walks on the beach. The first morning it was just E and I. I left the camera in the room so that I could enjoy our quiet time together. The next morning, hubster was there so I brought the camera with me. I am so gald I did. I love this shot of the two of them.

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  1. Gorgeous shots!! I can't wait to take our little one to the beach. Hopefully in a couple of weeks! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love seeing your pictures of your little boy. He is the cutest thing. You sound like an excellent mother. The morning walks on the beach sound delightful.

  3. E is so adorable! I'm like Lisa Anne – I want to pinch his cheeks!

    I'm glad you took your camera and took that photo of E and your hubby. It's definitely a keeper.

  4. I seriously think your sweet little baby is adorable. Oh my gosh so cute : ) He just makes me smile and smile! I would like to hold him right now! : )

    What a great idea to highlight your five favorite pictures each friday. I love it : )

  5. The beach is so much fun for kids, the sand always takes some getting used to, but then they seem to do that quickly.

  6. i just want to squeeze your little chunky nugget until he bursts. my baby girl is a little teeny stick figure. my son was a chubba wubba too. and isn't it amazing what ISN'T in their diapers sometimes? i found a toy in there once. thank the LORD it wasn't in a poopy diaper.

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