Fun Ways to Enjoy S’Mores

Whether it’s in your backyard or back out to your favorite camp spot, here are some fun ways to enjoy S’Mores!

S’Mores area a classic campfire treat that are typically enjoyed around a campfire.

Almost everyone knows to make a traditional s’more: graham cracker, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow.

But there are many other ways to enjoy this classic summertime treat!

If you are going for a more traditional s’mores, try mixing it up a bit:

  • use chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers
  • swap out a chocolate bar for a peanut butter cup

Looking for more ways to mix up your s’mores? You are going to love these fun ways to enjoy s’mores!

Fun Ways to Enjoy S’Mores

Fun Ways to Enjoy S'Mores

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