Geeking Out Over #DisneyInfinity

I totally had a geek out moment. Last week while I was in Chicago, I got a sneak peek at the most anticipated game of the year, Disney Infinity. I had heard a lot about this game but it wasn’t until I saw it for myself that I knew this was the “It” game.

disney inifinty

Disney Infinity is an interactive game that will grows with you as you play. There is no right or wrong way to play the game. You are essentially creating the game as you go! There are no levels to beat and no end in sight!

disney infinity

I am really excited to play around with the Toy Box mode. This is where you get to go in and create your own world. Want to see what it would be like for Buzz and the Incredibles to team up? You can do that! You can also create race tracks, roller coasters, and pay Cinderella’s castle a visit.

disney infinity

Another way to make the game your own is by using the power discs. The discs allow you to add additional characters to your world and give them new abilities.

disney infinity

When I got home from Chicago, one of the first things I did was run and pre-order the game! I was that blown away by it. Ethan is really excited and is counting down the days until the release {August 18th!}. I honestly don’t know who is more excited, him or me!

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