The Germiest Places.

The Six Germiest Places.

We’ve all been scared into Hamthrazx (aka Swine Flu, aka H1N1) hysteria this season. I’m sure you are all scrubbing your hands until you are down to only layer skin and then dousing it in hand sanitizer gel, right? Wait, am I the only one doing this?

I was reading an article in the December 1st issue of Woman’s Day and just reading about the six germiest places had me running for the hand sanitizer. So here they are in grimiest glory.

1. Shopping Carts – Did you know that E Coli was found on 60-70% of shopping carts? Ew. I am so glad that more stores are providing sanitizing wipes by the cart pickup. E loves to just rub his mouth all over the shopping cart handle. (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth). I make sure I give them a good cleaning before putting him in and then I spend the rest of the shopping trip stopping him from slobbering all over it.

2. Cutting Board – This one just gets me every time. There are more harmful bacteria on your cutting board than…wait for it…your toilet seat! Barf!

3. First-Floor Elevator Button – Think about it, everyone touches this button at least once a day, if not multiple times a day. Thankfully, I don’t frequent elevators too often.

4. ATM Enter Key – Again, another button that is pushed hundreds of times a day. More fingers mean more germs.

5. Your Desktop – Staying in your office all day means a higher amount of bacteria due to the food you eat, coughs, and sneezes. Thanks to the Hamthrax scare, I have started wiping down my desk daily. But not everyone does this! Beware when you are leaning on your co-workers desk!

6. Playground – All most every kid who comes back from the playground has major bacteria (even fecal, barf!) on their hands. I carry sanitizer wipes in our diaper bag. As soon as E is doing playing, I wipe down his hands and then wipe down ours. I even give our wagon a quick wash!

I bet you are all running to buy stock in hand sanitizer now, aren’t you?

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  1. I carry hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE with me. I wash down shopping carts phones… you name it. Germs! Lol

  2. How come no one does the story about the new sanitizers on the market which are alcohol-free? There are new products that kill 3 times the germs, work up to 30 minutes, and they are safer to use than alcohol. This one is my favorite:

  3. Well, that's definitely something you don't want to stick in your fridge!
    LOL… At least now I'm informed. Thanks for the info and for putting your own unique flair on it!

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