“Get Out on Grass” This Summer

This post is sponsored by Applegate. All opinions are my own. 

We are a little more than half-way through our Deep Creek Lake vacation and there are tons of memories being made! We are staying with friends and it’s so fun to see the boys act more like brothers than friends. They have their little fights. But to see them off exploring and trying new things. 

Like Ben jumping off the docks and into the lake. (He wouldn’t even get into the lake last year.)


Or Ethan doing a ropes challenge. Even though he was a little scared, he still pushed through and completed the course. 


We have been doing a lot of fun things in Deep Creek but we have also just been enjoying the outdoors. Sitting on the docks or putting our toes in the sand at beach. 


After our fun day at the beach, we decided to have a cook out on the lake front. We packed the charcoal and matches and the Applegate “Get Out on Grass” kit! It had everything inside it to make our dinner quick and easy and keep the kids outside.



What’s inside the “Get Out On Grass” kit?

  • Applegate Natural Beef Hot Dogs (made with 100% grass-fed beef)
  • Sir Kensington’s Ketchup and Mustard
  • Vermont Bread Company Natural Buns
  • Applegate Cooler Bag
  • Applegate Tote Bag
  • Applegate Frisbee
  • Applegate Stainless Steel Water Bottle (adult)
  • Applegate Stainless Steel Water Bottle (child)

Did you know Applegate’s Natural Beef Hot Dogs are made from 100% grass-fed beef? It’s true!

What’s more, these cleaner wieners only contain four simple ingredients: 100% grass-fed beef, water, salt, and spices. That’s it! When you don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients, synthetic nitrates, or antibiotics in your hot dog, there’s more time for the fun stuff!

Want to win a Applegate “Get Out On Grass” kit? Enter below!


One lucky reader will win an Applegate “Get Out on Grass” kit containing the items above. As long as you are 18 or older and live in the continental United States, you are eligible to enter the Giveaway Tools below. All entries must be received before 7/29/16 at 11:59 pm ET.

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  1. We try to spend a lot of time with our dogs outside, relaxing and playing fetch.

  2. spending time working in the yard-always have mowing/weeding/trimming something…and also enjoy hiking and spending time at the lake!


  4. My family goes on bike rides and we pack a picnic so we can find new spots to enjoy. Also playing tag and other outdoor games keep us active and having fun outside.

  5. I make sure to take my kids to the park early in the morning. We walk or run on the shaded boardwalk while it is still cool out.

  6. I get out on the grass by inviting friends over to have a picnic outside 🙂 They are always welcome to bring their family (dogs included) too!! It makes for a wonderful summer.

  7. We like to have bbq on the front yard, I love to take my sandels off and walk around barefooted.

  8. I get out on the grass by following my toddler around (in his quest to find sticks, and new birdies to befriend 🙂 ).

  9. My kids and I have been on the grass- in the grass- by the grass with landscape improvements this summer.

  10. We are out on the grass everyday – usually barefoot. I love the comfort and coolness of the grass on a hot summer day whether it’s going out to get the mail, checking the garden, or relaxing in the yard. Love it!

  11. Being the mom of two teens (boy & girl) and a new 4 month old son I cherish every moment we have to get out of the house & and some fresh air. We love to have picnics (even if we only make t as far as the back yard) and also set on the grass during the kids football practice & after school activities. With a little one learning to set up, the grass is no our favorite place to be. Thanks for the amazing chance to get my kiddos back out for some outside time, tons of laughs & just conservation without electronics.

  12. I get out on the grass during the summer by going to my kids games and festivals as a family.

  13. We like to have picnics up in the mountains where it’s cooler.
    Thanks for the contest.

  14. We watch baseball games, softball games, have a pool so that means LOTS of BBQ’s at our house. We are living outside practically all summer. AppleGate has the best sausage too! We will make kabobs with apple slices and their sausage. Soooo Good. Happy Summer! #GetOutOnTheGrass

  15. We get out on the grass by camping every weekend and we do a lot of hiking too!!!

  16. We did one of those rope climbing things this summer too. Def. a great way to get out on the grass! We also play cornhole and badmitten. 🙂

  17. I should say by walking in the park or hiking, but more often than not, I’m out on the grass mowing. And I kinda enjoy it. Unless it’s over 85 or so.

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