Giving Back

Last week, the kids and I headed out to Walmart to buy supplies for our Energizer Champions for Kids care kit. On the way into the store, I tried to explain to E what we were doing. I told him we needed to buy some flashlights, batteries, water, and hats and gloves for a family in our neighborhood. Once I told him that the items would be going to kids like him, he was excited to help out.

My helpers were ready and we set out with a checklist in mind: bottled water, batteries, flashlight, gloves, and hats.

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

I guess I never realized how important batteries are. They must be because they are placed every where around the store! Every where I turned, there was a battery display. This is helpful because I tend to forget to pick up things that I need and it’s convenient to grab the size that you need when you make an unexpected purchase that requires batteries.

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

After we loaded up our cart with our supplies and some goodies for us, it was time to head home and pack our kit up.

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

But first, good shopping helpers have to be rewarded with a treat: a pretzel! {You can view more of our shopping trip over on Google+}.

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

When we got home, E was eager to see all of the supplies we purchased. We laid them out on the table to make sure that we had enough. I was shocked at how much we fit in our handy basket.

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

Out of all the items we purchased, the Energizer flashlight is my favorite. It has a checklist printed right on for things that should be included in your emergency kit: water, 3 day supply of food, first aid kit, sanitation items, clothing and bedding, family documents, spare batteries, portable radio, and flashlights. Another bonus? It takes any kind of batteries you might have on hand!

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

Once our kit was ready to go, we headed to our local food pantry. I knew they would know a family in need in the community that the kit would benefit. They were more than grateful for my donation. They thought it was the greatest idea! They wish more people thought of things like this. Yes, food is important, but being safe and warm {especially in the winter months} is important too. While I was there, I even signed up to work a few shifts.

A Grande Life | Energizer Champion for Kids

There’s no better feeling than giving back to your community!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forCollective Bias. All opinions are my own. #EnegizerCFK #CBias

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  1. This is such a great idea. And inspiring.
    I might have to do the same thing.
    It’s so great that your kids were excited about it to, a great way to show them how great giving back is.

    1. E is of the age where he is starting to understand the concept of giving back. I love having him involved with these projects!

  2. That flashlight is fantastic! I feel like we are constantly struggling to find batteries for ours (and generally taking a battery out of a toy if we’re in a pinch) for our flashlights. What a great idea!
    Awesome the boys were so involved in your shop too!

  3. I love that flashlight! Energizer is awesome and I love these SIMPLE service projects through Champions for Kids. We have been participating monthly and plan to continue with this mission. Not only do you help in your community but its a fantastic lesson to teach your kids!

    1. I love this missions! They have encouraged me to do some local volunteering. A few hours a month can make a huge impact!

  4. That is the flashlight I wanted to buy for my safety kit, but my 3 year old INSISTED on a Disney/Pixar Cars one instead. LOL! Since he was involved in the process, I let him make the decision.

    Doesn’t it just warm your heart to give back! Best of all, you taught your children a valuable lesson!

    1. I am always looking for ways to teach E to give back. He’s at an age where he is really starting to understand.

  5. Great job! Your kiddos are adorable!! What a great simple service project and the best is what we are teaching our kiddos!!

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