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What can I say, my kid’s a fighter!

We called the NICU this morning to check in on Ben. In the words of the nurse, “he had an excellent night!”. Ben only has 4 cc’s left in his feeding tube so it’s very realistic that will be done today! Once the tube is done, they will observe him a day or two.

Which means…

He should be home early next week!!!!

We are still cautiously optimistic but I think it’s safe to say Ben is over this little hurdle.

I promise to take some more pictures when we go visit today!

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  1. i've got my giant foam finger out and i'm cheering him on!

    can't wait to hear that you are bringing him home!

  2. Awesome Steph!!! you will soon find out(as your mother can confirm!) that the #2 child likes to be difficult! LOL So glad to hear that he is doing well!

  3. oh and ben, you totally get a time out for all this nonsense 😉 makin' us worry like that. trouble maker from the start!

  4. Great news! I also have a question for you (Long time reader, first time commenter) — one of my good friends just delivered a baby at 28 weeks and she'll be in the hospital for awhile, as will her little guy. I'd like to visit but was wondering what sort of things I could bring her. Thanks for any advice!

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