Great Photo Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s less than a month away! I am always stuck when it comes to gift ideas. I like to get something meaningful that all the mothers in my family will love.

Being a photographer, I like to incorporate pictures in our Mother’s Day gifts. Here are my top 5 photo gifts from Shutterfly that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

1. Photo Canvas
– I love photo canvases. And the bigger, the better. They are perfect for showcasing your recent photo session. You can even show off your child’s favorite artwork on canvas! Gallery wrapped edges all you to hang it right out of the box or you can put it in a frame.

shutterfly photo canvas

2. Custom Mugs
 –  A custom photo mug is an old stand-by for me. Everyone seems to love them. I am thinking of getting one with the kids’ pictures for myself. With all the coffee drinking I do, it might as well be out of a mug with two cute faces on it.

Shutterfly Custom Mugs


3. iPhone Case – I don’t have an iPhone but if I did, I would definitely have a custom case. These are a great way to show off your business, your photography, or your kids!

shutterfly iphone case


4. Desk Organizer – Take your kids with you to work! Keep some smiling faces on your desk to help brighten your work day.

shutterfly desk organizer

5. Woven Photo Blanket – Turn your favorite photo into a warm, woven blanket! This would make a great gift for grandmom.

shutterfly woven photo blanket

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  1. I love the iPhone case idea! I think Whitney (Mommies with Style?) had a cool cover on her case – a photo from a family vacation.

    How about doing a screen saver? Grandmothers love seeing the most recent pictures of their grandchildren. It would be super easy to set up one, or use one of the free software programs out there.

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