Green Picnic Tips

Make your summer picnics more eco-friendly with these green picnic tips!

One of my favorite things about summertime is being able to enjoy the outdoors more. Sunny days and warm evenings mean we are outside a lot more!

Don’t spend the next nice day inside! Grab a blanket and head outside for a picnic

Picnics at the park or even your backyard is an easy way to soak up some sunshine and fresh air.

When picnicking outdoors, it’s important to remember to take care of the environment around you. Being eco-friendly is easy when it comes to packing for a picnic!

Here are some eco-friendly ideas to help you keep your outdoor gatherings fun and sustainable.

Green Picnic Tips

Use a cooler. I also try to skip the plastic and paper bags when packing our lunch! A cooler is helpful to keep all of your food cold. If you do bring a plastic bag, use it to collect trash before you throw it away. 

Pick environmentally friendly products. For the ultimate green picnic, incorporate environmentally friendly ingredients/products.

Use glass or steel containers. The same goes for plastic sandwich bags. I try to avoid them at all cost. All it takes is a small gust of wind and that bag is gone! Instead, I pack our lunches in snacks in bento boxes! Not only do they keep everything organized but they keep your food cold!

Skip the plastic utensils and cups! One of my favorite things that I have added to my bag this year is a picnic utensil set. It has reusable forks, knives, and spoons along with small plates. Everyone also has a refillable water bottle that we pack instead of going through multiple bottles of water. We fill a large drink cooler with water and ice so that we can refill throughout the day. 

Take it with you and leave no trace! Before you pack up for the day, scan around you and make sure you aren’t leaving any trash. I keep a box of small trash bags in my bag and ask the boys to pick up 3 pieces of trash before we go. You know the saying “Many hands make light work!”

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