Happenings Lately

School has only been out for a few days and we have already been crazy busy the past few weeks. I could write a hundred posts on the fun things that we have been doing but then that would be boring. Instead, I am just going to show what we have been up to! (And if you want to stay up to date on summer happenings, then follow us on Instagram!)

La maison (5)


We got summer haircuts…

…and new friends for our keychain.

I saw an awesome view of Philly…

…while checking out a new restaurant.

I spent a weekend in this cute little cabin

…and visited my all-time favorite Jersey shore beach, LBI.

Watched a bunch of cute babies compete in a diaper derby…

…and made a new friend.

Went golfing with Daddy…

…for Father’s Day!

We made a mess with an ice cream cone…

…and found a baby bird in our garden.

What have you been up to lately?

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