Happenings Lately

What a week! We had a ton of snow dumped on us Monday. Then after that mess was cleaned up, an ice storm that left us without power for 22 hours. Add in there cancelled and delayed school days and this momma is just a tad bit crazed.

I put the blogger spotlight on hold for this week and, instead, I am sharing some posts that have been popular this week!

La maison (5)

Restaurant Style Queso

queso blanco-2

Apparently when there’s a snow and ice storm, people want their queso!

DIY Valentine’s Day Backdrop


Can you believe that I completely forgot that Valentine’s Day was next week?! It didn’t dawn on me until I got a note home from preschool with a class list for Valentines. It’s not too late to snap some fun pictures of the kiddos with a cute backdrop.

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas, I rounded up all my posts on one handy dandy page.

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5 Tips for Photographing Snow


Snow may bring a headache with it but it sure is pretty! This week, I shared my 5 tips on capturing beautiful snow photographs.

Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party


Have a birthday coming up? My Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party was not only a hit with friends and family but apparently everyone online as well! I am already starting to plan this year’s party.

Here’s hoping next week goes more smoothly!

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