Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Today is the hubster’s 31st birthday! I like to tease him that I’m still in my twenties {barely} and he’s getting way too old.

The hubster and I have been together since I was 16. We met through mutual friends and dated throughout High School and College {we even attended the same college}.Over these past 12 years {go ahead, do the math}, we have seen our share of ups and downs. We have stuck together thick and thin. I truly do not know what life would be without him. And I don’t plan on knowing what that would be like for a very long time.
I have so many things in my life that I have thanks to him.
  • We have a great, little boy who continues to amaze us everyday.
  • A healthy, little blob growing stronger every day.
  • A home where we are growing our family {eventhough I complain daily about wanting to move!}.
  • An extended family that is there for us no matter what and knows how to have fun.
But most of all, I have love. I have plenty of love in my life to last me a lifetime. We may not always tell each other “I love you”, or show affection. I may complaing {ok, bitch} about him and the little things that he does to annoy me {I blame the hormones}. But it’s there. It’s the base of our home.
And it would take more than an earthquake to shake that foundation.

Happy Birthday Baby!
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