hello monday

imagehello frosty mornings that require an extra few minutes to our morning routine to warm up the car.

imagehello resisting temptation while still being BEST.MOM.EVER. by bringing home donuts for the boys.

imagehello to the cutest lunch dates who love nothing more than scarfing down nuggets and fries.

imagehello new sunday morning routine of {medifast} oatmeal and coupon clipping.

imagehello speed demons who cruise through the grocery store putting a smile on every face they pass.

imagehello no nap days that lead to passing out on the car ride home.

imagehello foggy mornings that bring beauty and mystery.

Linking up with the Lisa Leonard for hello, monday!

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  1. I LOVE this! I need to get back into your photoaday prompts. They remind me to stop and appreciate each and every moment.

  2. Ahh who doesn’t love nap days.. aaack that reminds me I still have to clip coupons from Sunday’s paper.

  3. Oh GOD! My children LOVE those shopping carts, but they are such a pain to push around! They are sooo heavy, and added my children’s weights (about 100 pounds combined), they are just…awful! Chicken nuggets and fries was our cuisine last night as well!

  4. that looks like a great saturday- snacking and coupon clipping and foggy mornings- sounds like the beginning of a good novel! already following you but just saying hi from the sat link up!

  5. What a seriously adorable post!We have speed demons through the grocery store too! LOVE THIS Post. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

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