5 Holiday Makeup Looks

Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy. But the one girly thing that I really got into as soon as my other friend’s did was makeup. We loved sitting around with our Caboodles full of drug-store makeup and creating new looks. Things haven’t changed much almost 20 years later. I definitely go through stages: natural, smokey eyes, and my usual “Oh My God, I better throw some foundation on so I don’t scare small children” (which most of the time is my go-to look).

With the holidays coming, I have been experimenting with some different festive looks. I am not talking about red and green lids or silver lips. Just a little something more than I would normally do. Naturally, I turned to my best friend, Pinterest for holiday makeup inspiration.

Holiday Makeup Looks

Inspiration #1 – Dark Definition

holiday makeup look

Don’t you just love this smokey eye? The one thing I like the most about this is that it’s not too over the top. Plus, I love the lashes. I love the lashes! This can also go beyond holiday makeup and be worn all year round.

Inspiration #2 – Shimmery Silver

holiday makeup look

I love, love, love the silvery shadow! This would be the perfect look for New’s Year Eve. Again, love the lashes!

Inspiration #3 – Purple/Gold

holiday makeup look

As you can tell, I love the shimmery look. Purple has always been a favorite color of mine and I love the combination with the gold. The subtle black liner gives it just the extra oomph!

Inspiration #4 – Simple Smokey Eye

holiday makeup look

When it comes to a smokey eye, I love a simple look. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jerseylicious but I could never pull that look off myself! I’ve tried. I just end up looking like a raccoon.

Inspiration #5 – More Purple

holiday makeup look

This look is a little more over the top than I would normally do but I do love the end result and how it looks!

I am not sure which look I am going to go with this holiday season. Perhaps I’ll try all five at some point!

What are your favorite holiday makeup looks?

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  1. I love the purple and gold look! I think I’m using that as my New Years Eve combo (actually the night before New Years Eve). Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. I was (am?) a total tomboy as well. I rarely wear makeup. I just ventured into putting some mascara on for events… that’s a big step for me! I always feel like I look like a 12 year old trying to look like a grown up. I should try the simple smokey eye… I’m more a neutral/natural look type, but I might be able to pull that one off!

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