Home Renovations: The Master Bath

After visiting the Philadelphia Design Home last week, my head has been filled with ideas. Now I know that there is no way that my little townhouse will ever compare to the $3 million home that everyone was drooling over but that doesn’t mean it can’t be our little $3 million wanna be.

One project that we have been moving forward on is the master bath. Now, don’t let the word Master lead you to believe that I am talk about a spacious bathroom retreat. Instead, it’s a tiny little bathroom but, hey, it’s our bathroom. And it’s about time we gave it some attention.

When we bought our house 9 years ago, everything was pretty much brand new. Our home was flipped by a contractor so we liked that we were getting a great deal on older home filled with newer things. 9 years later I know better and everything was pretty much contractor grade. It has served it’s purpose but it’s time to get upgrading.

So what do we have in mind?

Since the bathroom is small with one window and the tile we picked for the shower is black, I want to balance everything out.

Untitled design (4)

I’m so talented aren’t I? But you get the idea.

The wall color was totally inspired by the Design Home. This light gray color was all throughout the house but most prominent in the kitchen. It looks darker on the website but this is a better representation of the color.

philadelphia design home-13

As for the fixtures like the bathrooms faucets and lighting, we went with chrome. It’s just a little upgrade that will really make the bathroom look shiny and new. That was another thing that jumped out at me while touring the Design Home.

philadelphia design home-33
Finally, we decided to add a little something to the walls to again help break up the darkness of the shower tile. At first, my husband wanted to tile the walls about half way up but then I reminded him of the budget. I threw out the idea of adding white beadboard which would give the same affect and still make it the bathroom look like an upgrade.


Now that we have all of our ideas worked out, it’s just a matter of getting down to work! I can’t wait to share the update with you later.

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