Never Lose Your Keys Again

I was provided a PebbleBee Honey to review and use to find my keys! All opinions are my own.

I am notorious for losing my keys. And driving my husband crazy. I have locked them in my car at least 3 times in the past year. (Thanks AAA!). When you have a keyless car, it’s so easy to get in, throw the keys in the cup holder or on the seat and then leave them there when you get out of your car. Hence, why I lock them in there so often. 


In the house, I am always throwing them on the table or on my desk and they end up getting lost under a pile of mail or homework. Or a certain four year old walks off with them and then doesn’t remember what he did with them.

I’ve tried a colorful lanyard or a chunky key chain. I’ve tried a basket by the front door. None of that worked. I would still misplace my keys. 


That all changed a few months ago when I tried the Honey from Peeblebee. The Honey is an affordable and smart Bluetooth-enabled device can be placed on almost anything: your keys, your purse, even your dog!  


So how does it work?


Download the FREE PebbleBee App on your mobile device or tablet  and sync it to your Honey device by holding down the single button for 5 seconds to activate it. Then press once to “claim” it as your own. This will make it easy find and locate all your items using the Pebble range finder. Once you have it set up, Pebblebee is fairly simple to use.

You can add multiple Pebblebee Honeys to your account making it easy to track them in so you alone can track them. No one can track and gain access to your Pebblebee Honey once you’ve paired it. If it’s within up to 150 ft the Pebble App will indicate how close you are based on a signal bar and the Bee rings. You can command the PebbleBee to “buzz” or ring to assist in finding what you’re looking for.


In sensitive situations, you can command the PebbleBee to “spark” which will flash internal LEDs to aid in finding your item. The battery can last up to a year, but it depends on the Performance settings you choose. You can choose from Low, Medium, and High. Each Pebblebee costs $25 and is  available in single packs or packs of three. 


Wanna know what else you can do with it? You can use it as a remote camera shutter to take pictures! 

 To learn more about Pebblebee or to buy your own, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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  1. lol First time I have heard of such a thing, loving it,, and yes I am always getting my keys loss or maybe vise versa loll

  2. Omgosh do I need this lol!! Between myself and my 2 year old I am constantly misplacing my darn keys!! I find them in the weirdest places!! This would be a time, sanity and lifesaver for me lol!!

  3. My husband had this idea 10 years ago… wonder why 😉 Wish we would have followed through. So of course this is a great idea! Eliminate some of the stress from the little things in life 🙂

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