Host Without the Hassle

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The holiday season can be a stressful and chaotic time. Between attending holiday parties, shopping, meal planning, baking, gift wrapping, and entertaining, there never seems to be enough time especially when you are hosting. Even though the holiday food is all the talk, the holidays are really about spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the good things in life. This is challenging when you are spending endless hours in the kitchen.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Whenever I host a holiday dinner, I tend to be pretty low-key. From the food to the decor, simple is best! After all, you are there to enjoy your friends and family!

Host without the Hassle

Ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with asking your guests for a little help. Does Aunt Mary make the best green bean casserole? Ask her to make it! By focusing on a few dinner items yourself, you won’t stress yourself over every little detail. Another way to ask for help? Get everyone involved in the clean up.

Here me out. This is where my family has made  a lot of holiday memories. From who is the better dishwasher or giving my mom a hard time about using plastic plates, we relive these moments every single year. And as much as you may not want to wash the dishes or put away the leftovers, it is really one of my favorite times of the holiday.s

Set the table in advance. Now here’s where I tend to put more effort. I will admit, I love a nicely set table. But it doesn’t have to be anything extreme. Some nice plates. A few candles. Your table will set the mood of your dinner. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is offering some very unique and special holiday dinnerware patterns for the holidays making it super simple to set your table.

I love the Woodland set because you can use it for multiple holidays. It doesn’t scream just one holiday which means you can use it all year round.

Grab the pre-made pie. Yes. Get the pre-made pie. Get the pre-made sides while you’re at it. Cracker Barrel makes it easy to host without the hassle. You can order your Thanksgivng meal and/or pick up Heat n’ Serve Pies. There are a variety of whole pies available during the Thanksgiving and Holiday season available for in-store pickup.

Visit to bring #JoyToTheTable this holiday season.  How are you sharing joy this season?  Share on social media using the hashtag #JoyToTheTable.

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