Household Items That Scare the S#!t Out of Me

It will come as no surprise to people that know me that I am no domestic goddess. Part of that reasoning is because I am scared of some the appliances in my house. Yes, I know my fear of the grill is irrational or that I probably won’t slice my finger off when slicing a bagel.

But hear me out.

Household Items that Scare the S#!t Out of Me

Pork steaks on gas grill

The Grill. That mean nasty looking grill. I refuse to touch it. The thought of starting a grill is enough to send me running for the hills. But it’s not all irrational thoughts. There was that one time my sister started the grill and it errupted in flames and cinged her eyebrows off. So see, the fear is totally rational.


The Dryer. We’ve had one fire in our neighborhood that was caused by a dryer. And since then, everytime I push the start button the dryer I hold my breath. Yes, I clean out the lint trap. And yes, I never run it when I’m not home. But I am still scared of something happening with the dryer. Maybe that’s why I hate doing the laundry.

Cheerful housewife ironing the clothes

The Iron. Oh the iron and I go way back. Back to the time I tried to iron athletic pants and ended up melting them because did you know they are made out of plastic. I digress. I am always scared that I am going to drop the iron on my foot and burn it. Or drop it on my hand. Or accidentially grab it on the wrong side. Again, probably why I don’t do a lot of ironing in this house.

Kitchen sink

The Garbage Disposal. Every single time I turn the garbage disposal on, I think I am somehow going to stick my hand down there and my fingers are going to get mangled. Or something is going to fly out and hit in me in the eye. Every single time.

FLames of gas stove (shallow DOF)

Gas stoves. While we don’t have a gas stove in our house, my parents do. And when I lived there, I was so afraid of using the stove. I either thought I was going to leave gas on and I would pass out in the house. And, just like the grill, I was always afraid of the flames errupted in my face.

I swear these fears are real and not just so I can get out of using said items.

Are there any household items that scare you?



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  1. I’m not really scared of most of these things but I do worry about my Gas Stove sometimes and the dryer!

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