How Huggies Pull-Ups® Saved my Sanity

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups® Training Pants.

A few weeks ago, I shared that we started potty training Ben. In fact, Ben announced that he wanted to use the potty and we went with it. And then Ben announced that he no longer wanted to use the potty.


One step forward. Two steps back. Such is the process of potty training.

I will admit that I haven’t been as on top of it as I should be. He’s clearly ready. He tells me when he needs to be changed and he’s so interested when his brother is in the bathroom. He’s just lazy. What can I say, he’s my kid.

huggies pull ups

One of the things that has seemed to help is using Pull-Ups®. Before I had kids, I was adamant that I would never use Pull-Ups®. Never. I worked at a daycare and saw all my students wearing them. They were a pain to change and I just thought they were a waste. Why not just put them in underwear?

How naive I was. Of course, I knew how to be the perfect parent before having birthed any children of my own.

Fast forward to when it was time to potty train Ethan. I thought back on my decree to never use Pull-Ups®. Yeah, that lasted about a day. You know, after I had to clean 500 dirty underwear. Ain’t nobody have time for that.

I ditched the “I will never use Pull-Ups®” attitude and became a convert. They really did work! They helped him know when he was wet. They showed him when he was wet and we used that as a tool. “Make sure you keep your Pull-Ups® dry”, we would tell him several times a day. Oh, and it also saved me from washing all those dirty underwear.

huggies pull ups

And now that it’s Ben’s turn? Totally using the Pull-Ups® from Day 1 of Potty Training. I love the wetness indicators on the front because Pull-Ups® are a little bit harder to tell if they are wet or not {without really checking them}.Since Pull-Ups® training pants are gender specific, there are characters that he loves, like McQueen or Buzz . We remind him “You have to make sure to keep Buzz dry!’.  And he checks.  Also, they were pretty clever labeling the front and back of the Pull-Ups® because I may or may not have made that mistake a few times.

We are moving slowly with Ben’s potty training but I don’t want to force him. I know that could only end up backfiring on me. He’s not afraid of the potty at all, like some kids are, and I’d like to keep it that way.

In the meantime, I just need to keep stocking up on the Pull-Ups®. If you need to stock up on Pull-Ups®, head over to the Pull-Ups® website and register.

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  1. We are still struggling with Jude too. We have good days and bad days. Thats why we LOVE pull ups! THanks for the coupon!

  2. We don’t use pull-ups anymore but did when Lennox was potty training we did and they work great!

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