How to Get Organized with About One

Who doesn’t need a little help with organization? I know I desperately do!

I tend to be a bit of a pack rat and keep everything. I have looked at online organizers before but they were always missing a key component that I was looking for. Then I found AboutOne.

aboutone online organizer

AboutOne’s online organizer gives you instant access to details about people, places, paperwork, and events that are important to you. With automatic email alerts about health appointments, medication, birthday, and other reminders, you’ll never forget an important event. Keep your family safe with quick access to your emergency contacts and health information — online and offline!

One of my favorite features of AboutOne is that you can store receipts, paperwork, photos, videos, artwork, and notes. By entering my receipts, paperwork, photos, etc. into AboutOne, I feel ok about throwing them away. It will be organized and available whenever I need it!  AboutOne even has a mobile so I know I have access to my stuff at any time.

aboutone mobile app

I knew AboutOne would be for me when I read about founder and CEO, Joanne Lang’s, story. She created AboutOne based on her experience as a mom of four young boys. She felt she was organized {don’t we all} but she just wanted to spend less time getting that way. She found that while she was using LinkedIn to organize her career and Facebook to organize her social life, there was no single, private and secure app to help her quickly and easily organize her family and home life.

Lang developed AboutOne after one of her sons had a medical emergency. She was away from home, with only her keys and phone, and unable to provide a list of his medications to the paramedics. She’d seen how cloud computing helped businesses gain new levels of efficiency and wanted to use her technical training and personal experiences to develop technology that simplifies a mom’s life.

And that is how AboutOne was born!

I have been having a lot of fun adding things to our family’s account! As I straighten up and come across something I now think “Hmm…this should go into AboutOne!” Try it for yourself and you will be addicted just like I am!

Looking for more information. This video give a fun overview on what AboutOne has to offer you!

Disclosure: I was compensated by AboutOne to review their online organizer. All opinions and text are my own.

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