How to Look Your Best in Photos

If you’re like me, you feel way more comfortable behind the camera than out in front. It’s sad , but true. It’s ironic that, as a photographer, I find myself hiding behind the camera way too often. I always offer to take the group shots…so I don’ t have to be in them. The end result? There are no photos of me! None with the kids. None with friends. None with family.

I photograph families and encourage mom (and dad) to get that family portrait. I love capturing the little, yet powerful moments between mom and the kids, how a husband looks at his wife, or the kids making faces at mom and dad. And while I encourage my clients to do this, I shrug it off and don’t do it myself.

On Mother’s Day, I made it a point to have my husband take a picture of me and the boys. Is it perfect? No. But it’s us.


Maybe you need some headshots for your blog or maybe you just really need to update that family portrait (you know the one that was taken two kids ago), either way I have some great tips to help you look your best!

How to Look Your Best in Photos 1

How to Look Your Best in Photos

Work the angles.
When having your photo taken (or when taking a self-portrait), never take it from below. This is what we call the “up the nose” shot. It’s never flattering. Instead, have your photo taken from above with and look slightly up. This will enhance the light in your eyes and smooth your neck, making it look longer.

How to Look Your Best in Photos

Stand up (sit up) tall.
Posture is very important! Keep your back straight, shoulders back, and chest up and you will look alert and healthy. Slouchy and slumping can cause your clothes to wrinkle and make you look untidy. Make sure you keep your shoulders down and relaxed!

When you are relaxed, it really comes through in your photo. If you are stiff and rigid, your picture will look forced and posed. You want to look natural!


My favorite images to capture are when my subjects don’t know I’m snapping. Either when they are singing a silly song with their kids or when their significant other tells them a funny joke. Those laughs and smiles are natural and look a lot better than when you are looking at me saying “Cheese.”

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Learn a few tricks.
There are certain poses that you can do that will help you look thinner. And who doesn’t want that?! Twist your torso by turning one shoulder to the camera. This slight twist will make you look slender. Another trick is the slimming arm. By placing your arm on your hip, you can make your arms (and your waist) appear smaller.


Have fun!
No explanation needed.

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