How to Save Money on Sporting Equipment for Your Kids

You can save a lot of money on sporting equipment for your kids by shopping at consignment sales!

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When you have two boys playing sports pretty much year round, you take quite the hit to your wallet. They are always needing something. 

They outgrow their cleats. They needed the latest and greatest bat. 

Add in other sports expenses like lessons and league fees and you are looking at a chunk of change for your kids to play their beloved sports. 

That’s why I have to find ways to save money while making sure they have everything they need.


Consignment sales! I have found so many great deals and steals while shopping the Just Between Friends Philly sale. While I am always there to stock on my kids’ essentials for the upcoming season, I am also on the hunt for sports equipment. 

If your child is just starting off with a sport, shopping at a consignment sale is the best place to grab your equipment. You can get everything they need to get started without spending a lot of money. This is great especially if they decide that sport just isn’t right for them. You can turn around and consign it when they are done with it! Talk about a win/win!

From cleats to baseball pants to everything in between, I have found so many things to help us get through the baseball season. Now, every time I shop, I make sure to browse for these sports must-haves. 

How to Save Money on Sporting Equipment for Your Kids

Cleats. Always look through cleats! With two boys, I feel like they are always outgrowing their cleats. If I am lucky, they will make it through one season with one pair of cleats. I always grab a pair or two in the next size so I have a pair of cleats on hand for that dreaded day when the boys say their cleats hurt their feet. 

Gear. I am always blown away with how much sporting gear is at the Just Between Friends Philly sales. And it’s really organized, too! Since they separate everything by sport, it is really easy to find what you may be looking for. I have even seen brand new gear like helmets and gloves for sale at a fraction of the original cost. Do not skip this section! It’s a treasure trove!

Warning: Make sure you know of any specific requirements on gear before buying. For example, many baseball leagues changed their bat rules last year. They require all bats to be USA Baseball approved with a stamp on the bat. This means there are a lot of “illegal” bats floating around there for sale. 

Clothing. We all know that the Just Between Friends Philly sales are notorious for all of the clothes! But look a little closer and you’ll find a lot of what you need for your kids’ activities. Does your child dance? There’s an entire section of dancewear with leotards, skirts, and tutus. I love to load up on extra Dri-Fit shirts for the boys to wear to practice. And, if you are really lucky, you’ll find a jersey or two for your team!

Baseball pants. We go through a lot of baseball pants, especially for practices. I like to grab pretty much every pair of baseball pants I can find. I have scored brand new pants (with the tags) for $5! You can’t find that deal in a retail store no matter how many coupons or reward certificates you use. 

Have I convinced you to shop the #JBFPhilly sale yet? You won’t be disappointed! Here are all the details you need to know to shop the sale. 

Just Between Friends Philly Fall 2019 Sale

The Just Between Friends Philly sale will kick off on September 18, 2019 and runs through September 22, 2019 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center (100 Station Ave – HALL B Oaks 19456).

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Pre-sale tickets for special guests (teachers and first time parents/grandparents) for September 18th can be grabbed HERE!

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Admission is $3 on the first day, September 19th but is waived with these tickets. All other days are free!

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