How to Set Up a Coupon Binder

Everyone always wants to save money especially when it comes to their groceries. While you can save money at the supermarket without coupons, they do help!

I used to be into couponing a few years ago and I was pretty good at it. I was saving as much as half off my grocery bill. But you can’t save that much without a little time and effort. I’ve decided to get back into the coupon game and the first thing I need to do is set up my coupon binder. 

how to set up a coupon binder

How to Set Up a Coupon Binder

Grab a Binder.

I’ve had this binder since college. After I graduated, it served as my wedding planner. And now, my coupon binder! The binder is divided in a few sections: store coupons, weekly ad inserts, and then categories.

Set up envelopes for store coupons.

In the front of the binder, I put all my store coupons. Each store has its own plastic envelope. I have an envelope for Target, CVS, Walgreens, Giant, Rite Aid, and Genuardis. These are all stores that I frequent often. I also have a Misc. store envelope for the random coupons.

Add your weekly inserts.

Next in line are my weekly inserts which I place in sheet protectors. When I get the ads every week, I do not sit down and cut coupons. Instead, I take out all unnecessary coupons for us (pets, some medications, etc.). I usually get at least 2 copies of the ads (my mom saves me hers). If there is a good coupon insert, I will buy more than one paper. I date the front ad with the week so I know which week it is from.

Why do I do this?

All the sites I frequent  list the coupons by week. This makes it easier to find the coupons for all the match-ups each week.

Organize loose coupons.

After the weekly inserts, I have more sheet protectors for each category (healthy & beauty, frozen foods, home goods, pantry items and baby). This is where I keep all my mailer, internet, and magazine coupons. I will also go ahead and add coupons from the weekly inserts when there are only a few left in the inserts.

Sort through and organize each week.

Every Sunday, I get the Sunday paper (or two) and go through the binder. I get rid of any expired coupons I haven’t used and file away all the coupons for the week. This is also when I plan my pharmacy and grocery store trips.

It takes a few weeks to get into the groove but trust me, it is so worth it. And that is how I set up my coupon binder!

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  1. Ohh, awesome! I've been trying to get a little more organized lately and part of that is coupons. Thanks for the links!

  2. hmmm never thought about the binder option!!! I have a friend who is INSANE with coupons, has no kids but scores major deals on kids stuff and donates it all. I wish I had the time she does but I figure even $1 saved is a $1!

  3. yay!!! I just got back to couponing and I tore up Publix last night! spent $95 and saved $61!!! I was rockin' and rollin'!

  4. Never in a million years would I have thought to keep the bundles intact by week. Your reasoning makes such good sense. I learned from you today!

  5. You are my hero. Thanks, I really needed a little guidance with my coupon organization, or lack there of.

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